The Citizens’ Declaration



Our country is broken. It cannot be mended without deep reform. We need a new social contract between the government and governed.


Therefore, we, the people, citizens of the United Kingdom, ask all those seeking elected office at the next General Election to commit to implementing this manifesto.


We demand:


  • Government that works for the good of us all. With a new duty to protect and improve the wellbeing of every citizen. To be evaluated annually against a new set of agreed standards.


  • Media that’s speaks truth to power. With tougher regulation of the press – and social media – ensuring higher standards of truthful reporting and unbiased public information.


  • An end to first past the post. With an electoral system that represents all views and provides equality of opportunity. And a new political system that acts on behalf of all citizens, based on need, evidence and science.

  • Returning power to where it’s needed. With power decentralised, where nations, regions and communities have sufficient resources and the means to have the final say on how those resources are used.


  • A written constitution and bill of rights. Setting out clearly the rights and responsibilities of our governments, nations, regions, elected officials, and us as individuals – plus the checks and balances between them.


  • A just economy. Based on fair pay and conditions for all, with equitable taxation for big corporations, extreme wealth, inherited assets and personal income. Making basic utilities affordable. Supporting the rebuilding of the economy and providing new funding for innovation, research and development, thereby creating jobs and wealth for the nation.


  • Rebuilding the quality services we need. Covering mental and physical health, social care and education. Provided on a local, not-for-profit basis. Including an improved social safety net that offers us all dignity, tangible support, and the ability to improve our prospects.


  • Joined up national planning. Delivering housing, food, energy and public transport at fair prices while protecting the security of our natural resources and basic utilities.


  • An independent justice system. Free from political meddling, adequately resourced, and accessible to everyone.


  • A responsible foreign policy. That sticks to international law, follows the highest standards of conduct and promotes global cooperation. This is vital for our security and the environmental, economic and health challenges humanity faces.


  • Tackling the climate emergency at every step. Making it the key driver of every new policy, with clean air and clean water – including rivers, lakes and seas – considered a basic human right.