Stop Waiting for a Hero! Join the wall of sound.

We could put faith in the idea of a hero that will save the day, a single person who will rescue our country from its current woes and that they alone will make the difference. But that is a fantasy.

The most significant changes the world has seen have all come from civil society groups, coalitions, campaigns and collective movements. Collective pressure exerted by groups and groups of groups with a common purpose is what brings change.

ALL is a focal point for civil society groups wanting a better-run, more prosperous and fairer Britain. Together we can better amplify our common message, win the arguments and start the process of renewal.

To this end, we have set out a Citizens Declaration and Principles of Good Government, which we invite you to read below and support.

The Citizens’ Declaration

UK politics has broken down into fractured and polarised arguments about which group of people are most to blame for our escalating woes. The recriminations are circular, endless and harming our country.

To move forward as a nation, we need a consensus on what politics is trying to achieve for us as citizens. This requires a practical framework with built-in rights and outcomes and clear responsibilities for government to deliver them.

The Citizen’s Declaraation is a starting point in this process. We are looking for other civil society groups to join us in endorsing these demands to break the destructive deadlock in our current politics and move towards a better future.

Please contact us to endorse or make contact with any suggestions or comments using the form below.

The ALL Guide to Good Government

The Guide to Good Government is ALL’s contribution to the national debate required to renew our nation.  ALL takes democracy to mean “Government for the people, by the people”.

At its most fundamental level, good government starts with two basic rights:

  • The right to a voice.
  • The right to good government and just laws.

Ensuring those rights entails government must be

  • inclusive,
  • representative,
  • accountable,
  • transparent and
  • constitutional.

Core to this is that a democratic government is for all the people, not for a group, class, interest, or faction. It can never be some people acting primarily in their interests. As a government for all the people, that creates a duty bound to exercise equality of concern and equity of treatment for all.

Emphasising all the people means that democratic government is neither majoritarian nor minoritarian but inclusive in its aims, duties, and purposes. Any society is a diverse collection of individuals and minorities. So any majority is only a temporary coalition of minorities agreeing on an issue.  A true democracy has systems to ensure all participate and all are represented.

Please download and review the entire document. We want to work with other civil society groups prepared to use this as the basis of a discussion about British democracy. Join us in shaking up British politics.

Support the debate for national renewal.

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