British democracy is our focus.

The goal is better outcomes for us, the citizens.

Our thinking

As citizens we need to know what we are for

as well as what we are against.

Here is ALL’s contribution to the wider debate

this country needs to become a modern democracy.

The Citizens' Declaration

What do Citizens need from their government? Here are our 12 demands to upgrade the UK’s democracy.

Guide to Good Goverment

What would a government run in the interests of citizens look like? One where your voice is heard and promises are kept.


Citizens' Social Contract

What is the role of government and citizens in delivering a decent society that works for all of us? Creating a society where we all know we have a fair chance at a hopeful future.


National Debate on Democracy

We all know our country isn’t working correctly. Let’s talk about the options and decide together how to make the country work well and benefit all of us.

The Mission

The country needs change. Nothing is working as it should. We have fallen behind, but this stops today.

ALL sets out a program to rebuild trust in government, to change the lives of everyone living here, and to give respect and control to the nations and the communities that make up our country.

We can and will have better lives, better representation and a country that thinks and acts in our long-term national interests.

Areas of Focus

Government Structures

How do we share out power across the Union and within Nations?

What is Governance?

How does politics differ from governance? How do we get off the roller-coaster of endless campaigning?

Integrating the Country

Building A Less Divided Nation

Do we remember what makes us a nation at all? Where is the national story that binds us together? Once again, we have to find what we have in common.

New Ways of Sharing Power

As consumers, we live using instant access technology; as voters, we have few means of voicing our needs. What does a better option look and feel like?

Citizens' Rights

For Britain to work as a democracy we need answers to these questions. What does being a citizen mean? What are our rights and responsibilities? What protects us from the State?

Pace of Change

The world is increasingly complex. World events, climate change and technology are changing so rapidly politics cannot keep up. That has to change if we are to be in control of our future not simply responding to threats.

Way of Working




Everything was seen as impossible until someone made it happen.

We need to think differently to make a better nation. Joining up our need for change to the available solutions.

ALL is about connecting needs and ideas, organisations and alternatives, and politics and citizens.

Our nation deserves more. We are better than this. The UK has a proud history of social progress and we need to build on to that tradition and make sure Britain works well to face the 21st century.

A.C. Grayling

Chair of the ALL Steering Committee

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for a new democracy