Planning Challenges

Everywhere it seems, the wrong things are being built, often without the supporting infrastructure they require, or simply they do not meet the real needs of the local area.

Local Authorities normally take planning decisions. However, the Secretary of State can be involved in major decisions and is often challenged by local groups. Still, these usually come up as one-off campaigns for a specific area.  Influencing planning decisions means local campaigning in advance of a decision by local residents.  There is a close link to the broader “Levelling up” agenda, which touches on local democracy and devolution. Local Planning decisions that have gone wrong provide good material for campaigning against a local MP who has not placed residents’ wishes first.

The Woodland Trust has good information on mounting campaigns about future planning decisions affecting green spaces:

Community Planning Alliances is an alliance of over 600 local groups and has resources and support available to help you protect your green spaces.