Whatever your medium, we want to inspire you to participate.  From the humble postcard to a larger canvas, the choice is yours.  We will then auction these works to raise money to bring this debate to the British people so everyone can engage in it. 

We want your creative voice to contribute to Re-Imagine. What would a Britain based on a government that works for all citizens look like? How would it change you or your view of the future? What does better look like? What does it sound like? 

Contributors will have their work and websites promoted across the Online Event website. We will be using social media to engage others in the campaign and, with your permission, use your images to tell the story of why we need to Re-Imagine. This will be a fun but serious way of helping raise awareness of what good looks like and how we as a nation can improve. 

We have found a well-connected company able to host our silent auction. Your artwork will be listed on their site, which is well-known to international collectors and has a global reach. 

On logistics, artists will be asked to post their artworks to the eventual buyers, like any other direct sale. Be assured your costs will be reimbursed for these costs.


Whatever kind of maker you are– drawing, painting, print, collage, textiles, photography, sculpture or digital – we want to hear your voice.

A better country is possible. Let’s create a future we can all enjoy. 

The Auction Details

Once you have chosen or made your article here is what to do next.